Chrysler Pacifica Safety Features

As a vehicle designed for families, the 2018 Chrysler Pacifica is focused squarely on safety. Rear Park Assist is standard on the Pacifica, using sensors to let you know when there's something behind your van. Parallel and perpendicular Park Assist is also available.

Other optional safety features for the Pacifica include a 360-degree surround view system. Surround view uses four cameras positioned around the vehicle to create a total image of the Pacifica and the area around it. With this feature, there's no such thing as a blind spot anymore. The optional front crash prevention system has been shown to limit crashes at speeds of 12 and 25 mph. Specific headlights are another available safety feature.

To experience the 2018 Pacifica first-hand, drop in at Riverdale Chrysler Jeep the next time you're in the Bronx. A test drive will let you experience how smooth and safe a ride in the Chrysler Pacifica can be.
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