Popular Ram ProMaster City Helps Extend Business Opportunities

From independent contractors to small business owners and fleet managers, you need a cargo van that provides exceptional durability. It doesn't matter what type of business you operate, the popular Ram ProMaster City can fit into your daily business operations the right way to help meet the high demands.

Although the Ram ProMaster City is highly popular for the ability to customize the cargo van to meet individualized needs, the durability highlights its best feature. With a payload capacity of 1,883 pounds and a 2,000-pound maximum towing capacity, there are plenty of opportunities to deliver whatever you need on a daily basis. With other great features such as Trailer Sway Damping (TSD), which adjusts the throttle and automatically applies brake pressure in order to keep the trailer under control, the Ram ProMaster City keeps you, and your supplies, safe and secure.

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