Jeep Compass Exterior Features

The latest Jeep Compass has drivers looking twice. This is mostly due to the new redesign, which has become more like the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The idea was to create a compact version that was just as legendary as the iconic seven-grille design. The new sculpted exterior with panoramic window styling is quite a fresh, sporty take on the compass. While this vehicle is made to be budget-friendly, it’s also got a lot of safety features in mind as well.

The austere new design focuses on a remodel of the front end with new LED head lamps and fog lights, as well as different styles for the grille in front. The new look is rugged, which is expected of the Jeep brand.

You can test drive the all new Jeep Compass when you head to Riverdale Chrysler Jeep located in the Bronx. You can see other Jeep SUVs as well and ask about some of the quirky details. You won’t believe what was designed on the windshield.



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