The Jeep Wrangler's Wheels Make a Bold Impact

The wheels on an automobile serve multiple purposes. They provide traction on rough roads, stability on trails, and curb appeal on driveways and parking lots. Jeep Wrangler vehicles have wheels that provide these perks, and you can take advantage of them after buying a Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler wheels are large and durable. You can equip a Wrangler with 33-inch or 35-inch wheels. Both options have an all-terrain housing with treads that can handle the conditions on regular highways and off-road trails. On paths and trails, all wheels perform well by relying on the Wrangler's rugged fenders, which block mud, gravel, rocks, and other road hazards. The Wrangler can also maneuver efficiently over puddles because its fender flares provide great ground clearance.

If you want to cruise in a Wrangler before making an investment, consider arranging a test drive. In The Bronx, Riverdale Chrysler Jeep is an ideal place to set up a test drive as we have a seasoned staff that can share great information about Jeep Wrangler features.



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