Tackle The Roads Of The Bronx In An SUV That's Great On Gas

When it comes to handling most road conditions, SUVs are, more often than not, the go-to vehicle type to accomplish this task. This requires SUVs to be built more rugged than the average car, but just like cars, fuel efficiency is a vital aspect that drivers value. Dodge seeks to bridge the gap with the 2018 Durango by producing an SUV that ranks among the best in fuel economy.

When you visit [dealer] to explore the benefits of the 2018 Durango, you will find a number of things that aid in getting better gas mileage. Dual Variable Valve Timing is available in both the 3.6L Pentastar and 5.7L Hemi engines. With the help of computer-guided engineering, heat energy is recycled in a manner that produces better performance and efficiency.

An added bit of smart technology found in the 5.7L Hemi models helps to achieve 22 mpg on the highway. This bit of useful technology reduces the engine usage to four cylinders instead of eight when all eight aren't required saving gas that would have otherwise been used.



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