Maintain a Bird's-Eye View of Your Fleet With the Help of Ram Telematics

The 2019 Ram ProMaster City is a user-friendly and popular urban delivery vehicle. The 2019 ProMaster City is optimized for use by people working in a variety of trades. The many virtues of the 2019 ProMaster City are useful for both independent business persons and for larger organizations. The special system called Ram Telematics can give managers of such organizations valuable insights and can also help them to save on time and money.

Ram Telematics is a fleet management technology created by Verizon Connect. This fleet management program can give supervisors detailed data about a number of important driver and vehicle performance metrics.

Included in this list of metrics are goodies such as animated vehicle route history. This special digital tool can graphically show which routes drivers use to make their deliveries. Another useful telematics feature is the automated reporting and analytics function. This feature gives fleet managers important information about vehicle health levels, locations, and even driver habits.



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