Storage Solutions in the Jeep Gladiator Pickup Truck

Fully available in multiple editions at Riverdale Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in 2020, the Jeep Gladiator is an innovative pickup truck. When you buy this mid-size vehicle in the Bronx, consider the following optional groups that add utility.

If you love to spend a lot of time outdoor, get the Cargo Management Group for the Jeep Gladiator. The Bed Trail Rail System is an all-new feature that's part of this optional group. This storage system includes multiple compartments, nets and bins for optimum organization of cargo.

Set up in the Jeep Gladiator's bed, a 400-watt power inverter is optimized to work with tools, appliances and other small electronics that come with lengthy cords. A 240-amp alternator is another standard feature in the Cargo Management Group. Additionally, the package has a lockable storage bin that's set up underneath the seats in the second row. This storage solution is ideal for holding tablets and gadgets that don't fit inside the glove box or center console.



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