Chrysler Pacifica Performance Features

The Chrysler Pacifica is giving its drivers awesome benefits this year. The newest Pacifica model is offering its drivers a powerful 9-speed automatic transmission. Although this transmission is powerful, it is smooth and quiet. In addition to this unforgettable transmission, the Pacifica also offers its drivers tremendous engine options.

Base line model Pacifica vehicles awards its drivers with a seamless V6 engine. This engine can reach 60 miles per hour in only two seconds! In addition to speed, the Pacifica also is able to handle sharp turns and off-road driving beautifully. Moreover, the Pacifica’s safety features also contribute to the vehicle’s perfect handling.

The Pacifica now has advanced safety features. Forward-collision and automatic braking features are now offered with Pacifica models. These features help drivers have a smoother ride and lessen the chance of any onset accidents. All Pacifica models come standard with 4-wheel drive, which is perfect for year-round driving.



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